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Can Your Skin Type Change?

Can your skin type change from season to season or even year to year? 

The simplest answer is yes, your skin type can change, but generally it will slowly occur over the course of a few years (like every 7-9 years) instead of drastically changing from season to season. During seasonal changes, it is possible for certain conditions to intensify, such as oily skin types getting oilier and dry skin getting drier in the winter, but for the most part, your genetic skin type still has the same traits seasonally.

The skin is an organ and influences that can cause drastic changes to your skin include:


-Extreme stress

-Hormonal shifts (pregnancy, menopause)

-Skin care products (changing to a new routine that may not be the best fit)

At times, it might be difficult to determine what is causing changes in your skin because these changes can be gradual. The best and easiest way to address skin type changes is to seek out professional help from an esthetician.

Remember to listen to your skin and know that it is unique and needs to be treated as such. Don’t go it alone when it comes to your skin’s changing needs so that you can be sure your routines and products are appropriate for your skin type.



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